? Does this process has any Side Effects?

Ans : All the methods Weaving, Bonding and patching are free from any types of side effects as there is no surgical things involved in this and no medications. All the products used are dermetologically tested for all types of skin.

? Can we shampoo, oil, condition or apply gels on the hairs?

Ans : You can apply shampoo, conditioner non sticky oils etc recommended by BLUE MOUNTAIN as all should be neutral based products( PH value of 7) non detergent based. Which will enhance the life of the hair systems.

? Can we ride bikes with / without helmets?

Ans : You can ride bikes with weaving and bonding but not with the patching( where fiber metallic clips are used)

? Can we sleep with it?

Ans : You can sleep with a weaving or bonding types of fixing methods, but not with the clips method.

? How can we reach you for consulting?

Ans : Call our helpline number, manager will plug you to your nearest branch @ 0431 2769276, 99945 65964

? How will you get the exact matching texture and color of our hair?

Ans: The template will be made at the time of consulting with the help of trained technicians and the texture sample will be collected.. Then we will check the availability of the patch with the exact measurement of your bald/scanty portion. Common textures might be readily available with us . If the patch is not available will place the order and get it prepared.

? Is this a Natural Hair of Synthetic Hair?

Ans : The hair systems with natural and synthetic hairs are available. You can choose on your requirement.

? Can we swim with this?

Ans: Yes you can swim comfortably with bonding and weaving systems.

? How is it different from Transplantation?

Ans : Transplantation is a surgical procedure under a Doctors guidance, there is no comparison with our systems as you need not have to worry about any side effects with our procedure and we believe health should be given prime importance than beauty